Religious School

Temple Shalom Emeth Religious School strives to provide a meaningful, engaging, formal, informal and family education program for grades Pre-Hebrew/K-12 within a safe, warm and caring environment. Our goal is to develop and inspire a community of educated and menschlich Jewish children, knowledgeable about and committed to the philosophy and practices of Judaism. Our approach is not simply to teach about Judaism, but to create a stimulating, interactive program to enable our students and their families to experience the joy of Jewish living. The study of Jewish rituals, Hebrew, the holiday cycle, Torah, prayer and ethics, along with Jewish history, Israel and music, are key components of their education. This curriculum prepares our children to understand and live by the Jewish values of Torah, Avodah (Worship) and Gimelut Chassidim (Social Justice).

Please feel free to contact our Religious School Director for more information.


Pre-Hebrew provides a fantastic way to strengthen your 3/4 year old’s Jewish identity, introduce your child to our traditions, observances, music, and explore Judaism in an age appropriate setting. The curriculum includes Jewish holidays, songs, bible stories, Sh’ma, and more. A weekly craft corresponds to holidays or themes for each class. As a parent, consider the benefits for your child. Pre-K offers a transition for children looking ahead to religious school. Your child will develop their awareness of Judaism in a very fun way, building on their Jewish identity.


Religious school normally meets in person on Sundays for all grades from Kindergarten through 7th grade. Grades 5-7 also meet virtually on Tuesday evenings.


Our confirmation program normally meets one weekday evening per week for kids in grades 8-10. A three year program covers comparative religions, comparative Judaism and Holocaust and ethics. For more information, please contact Rabbi Abramson.

Post Confirmation

A post confirmation program is available for young adults in 11th and 12th grade. For more information or to register, please contact Rabbi Abramson.


Please contact Rabbi Abramson or Alicia McGee, Director, or Committee Chair Jen Sneider for additional information or to register.