Temple Shalom Emeth: A Welcoming Reform Jewish Community in Burlington Massachusetts

We are a vibrant and welcoming Reform Jewish congregation. We provide a rich spectrum of opportunities for our members to express their Judaism through worship, education, music, community service, and social events.

Recent and Upcoming Holidays

Virtual Services for 2020-2021

Passover Seder Plans – March 27 & 28, 2021

Once again this year we will be holding a community Second Seder virtually (March 28, at 5:30pm), including a Zoom candle lighting and blessings over the first cup of wine, followed by a recorded service via YouTube.  Details and a link to the service will be provided via email our weekly announcements.


For a flavor of how much fun this Second Seder will be, here is just a short preview of some of the songs:



For those interested in joining one of our members over Zoom for the first Seder on March 27, please fill out the contact us form and we will follow up to arrange a match.


You can find an electronic copy of our Haggadah here.


Purim Services – February, 2021

Last year the Purim service was our last in person gathering before the lockdown, and now a year later please join us for the “Viral Purim Shpiel Service”, complete with animated hamantashan, a COVID-themed telling of the Purim story, new musical renditions of your favorite prayers, and so much more…


View the video on YouTube by clicking on the play button in the image to the right:


Friday Shabbat Services

Friday Shabbat Services are also being conducted virtually.  You may view the most recent services by clicking on the links on this page, or you may also check out past services from our Shabbat Services page.

High Holidays 2020 – Virtual Services

For more information or to get access to the archive of the services, please see our High Holy Days worship schedule.


Rabbi Rocketpower

RabbiRocketPowerDid you know that our rabbi is the author of the Rabbi Rocketpower series of children’s Jewish holidays books?

She is the first-ever female rabbi superhero.

Oy vay! Up, up and away!

Visit the Official Rabbi Rocketpower website

Check Out Our Music Video: SHALOM!

From the Union For Reform Judaism / Reform Movement

Make Memorial Day Count in 2021

Make Memorial Day Count in 2021 jstern May 11, 2021

On Shavuot, the holiday when we celebrate receiving the Torah marks the completion of counting

A Prayer for Peace

A Prayer for Peace urjadmin May 11, 2021

As Reform Jews, we stand strongly together with our brothers and sisters in Israel. Over the past 48 hours, Hamas has launched a massive barrage of rocket fire on southern and central Israel. At last report, six Israeli civilians have been killed and hundreds of thousands more - from Tel Aviv to Beersheba –are confined to bomb shelters. Innocent civilians in Gaza have fallen victim to this latest round of violence as well. Furthermore, the rapid escalation of violence within Israel's own borders between Jewish and Palestinian citizens of Israel is a new, and deeply troubling, development. We pray that calm will be restored soon.

First Thoughts on the Latest Pew Research Center Study on Jewish Americans

First Thoughts on the Latest Pew Research Center Study on Jewish Americans urjadmin May 11, 2021

In the days and weeks ahead, much will be written about the Pew Research Center’s "Jewish Americans in 2020." Having just received the full study today, we are still absorbing its findings. The Pew data is likely to provide a wealth of information that can be a useful resource for understanding many aspects of our community

Accessing a New Kind of Jewish Community Through Introduction to Judaism Online

Accessing a New Kind of Jewish Community Through Introduction to Judaism Online urjadmin May 11, 2021

Three years before the COVID-19 pandemic response sheltered millions of people at home and drove us to do all things virtual, the URJ was crafting online communities of learners as they journeyed together through our 21 sessions of Introduction to Judaism Online.