Ark Fund
Donations are used to purchase religious articles normally housed in the Ark including shofars, rimonim, breast plates and yads, as well as the services of a scribe for repairs.

Carol Getman Memorial Scholarship Fund
In memory of Carol Getman, past Sisterhood president and Pre- Hebrew teacher. Donations are awarded to high school seniors who have completed the temple’s Confirmation Program and who have remained active in the junior and senior years.

Education Fund
A special fund to enrich our children’s education has been established. All money designated for this fund will go directly towards special expenses associated with enrichment programming for our children.

General Fund
Personal notes are sent to the person or family designated.
Minimum donation is $5.

Inscription in the Book of Remembrance
The Book of Remembrance is in the temple lobby. It is inscribed in calligraphy in honor of a loved one. Donations are chai ($18) for 1/ 3 of a page or $54 for a full page.

Major Projects Fund
Originally established to underwrite the remodeling of our ark and bimah area. Donations are used to continue the purchase of articles for the religious areas of the temple and for other major projects.

Michael H. Berlow Jewish Education Fund
In memory of Michael H. Berlow, cofounder and first president of Temple Shalom Emeth. Funds will be used to establish, maintain, and equip religious school classrooms and to provide partial scholarships to students who wish to visit Israel.

Music Fund
Used to enhance Jewish musical programming and education at the temple. Donations will be used to acquire appropriate material and/or equipment.

Prayer Book Fund
A book plate is inscribed as requested and put in the cover of a prayer book. 
Donations are $36 or $54.

Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund
Used to benefit individuals or families in the community in need of financial assistance or to make donations to various Jewish and/or local charities.

Religious School Fund
Donations are used to benefit the Religious School and Family Education programs.

Religious School Library Fund
Used to expand the Religious School library.

Ryan Kane Memorial Library Fund
In memory of Ryan Kane who brought so much joy to his family and friends. Funds will be used to establish and maintain a Jewish multi-media lending library for temple families. Additional funds may be used for special needs programming within the Religious School.

Tot Shabbat Fund
Donations are used to help continue the programs for tots and their families to provide them with high quality worship experiences.

Uncle Billy Brown Memorial Building Fund
Donations are to be used specifically for the renovation or expansion needs of the main building. Named in memory of William Brown, a long-standing member who enhanced our congregation in many ways.

Yahrzeit Wall Plaques
The Yahrzeit Wall is located in the sanctuary. Plaques are $180 and are engraved with the English and Hebrew name, and yahrzeit date, of the person being remembered.

The following Committees and Groups need members and help out.  For general interest questions, please contact Ken Lifton.

This committee works on several fundraising projects throughout the year including SCRIP and the annual auction/dinner dance. Contact Fran Landryto see how you can help.

LJL (Lifelong Jewish Learning) 
This committee works with the Jewish Life Educator to steer adult and family education programs and other informal youth and adult educational programming. Contact Shelley Lipman to see how you can help.

Religious School Conmittee
The Religious School committee works with the religious school director to facilitate smooth operation of the religious school and helps to steer the direction of the religious school. Contact Sam Rippin to see how you can help.

Religious and Ritual
The Religious and Ritual committee works with the Rabbi and Cantorial soloists to provide a consistent and meaningful worhip experience for the congregation. The committee also provides all of the little extras needed ritual for holidays and special observances. Contact Jeff Nussbaum to see how you can help.

Sisterhood is a diverse group of women, from working professionals to stay-at-home moms, ranging in age from 20s to 80s. We are single, single parents, married, married with children, divorced and widowed. 


  • Personal growth
  • Jewish involvement
  • Feeling of community
  • Strengthening one’s faith and learning its precepts
  • Establishing and maintaining a meaningful Jewish lifestyle

If you are not already a member of sisterhood – we invite you to join!

Friendships are made here! 

The Brotherhood offers the opportunity to expand one's circle of friends, to get involved in Jewish affairs, and to contribute to our Congregation. 


The Brotherhood is an auxiliary organization. Our primary purpose is to provide social, educational, cultural and spiritual services for the men, as well as for the broader community. While we provide opportunities for men in our congregation to gather together for fellowship, recreation, personal growth and mutual support, we also work to support the mission, services and activities of the Congregation. 

We devote most of our time and resources to activities in these four areas:

  1. Social interaction among the men of the congregation in order to build friendships among men and their families in support of our objective of building Jewish "Community" among our members.
  2. Intellectual interests of men in the Congregation. We will program for the unique needs and interests of men, being sensitive to the role men play in modern American families, egalitarian congregational life, and in Jewish family life.
  3. Spiritual interests of men in the Congregation. These spiritual interests are founded in our Jewish traditions, but open to modern approaches to spirituality, especially men's spirituality.
  4. The interests of our men ing'milut hasadim (deeds of kindness) and tikkun olam (working to serve and improve our congregation, our local community and our world).


  • Poker Night
  • Monthly discussions
  • And a whole lot more